We're so glad you stopped by! We invite you to fall back in your easy chair, put your cell phone on Scarlo Mode, and take in some of the tracks from our debut album. You might also want to check out our music videos, directed by Jim Round. 

Scarlo Blog (as it were)


Hi Friends!
I'm back from China and Ted and I are busy at work with new tunes and summer shows. We can't wait to see you and catch up! While we wait for the strawberry pie to cool, here is a tune to spend the evening with. See ya soon!

Another new tune for you  

Our next track from the latest recording session! Mountain Medicine, written by Ted, while he was teaching in Beijing, China. Many thanks for listening!

Recording continues  

Hi friends! We've been back in the studio getting tracks down, and we have a new one today. Called "Whiskey Makes Me Mean", written by Ted, fiddled by Ari, and we are excited to share it with you. Find it here, and download for free on our Bandcamp site. More to come this week!


Ted and Arielle (that's us!) love to play music together. This summer we decided it was time to share our work with more than just our families, and thus, The Scarlet Locomotive was born. It's a journey we've been waiting for. Thank you for being along for the ride.

The Scarlo Name 

            For a good two weeks we scoured poems, dictionaries, songs, road signs, plant books, and the messy terrain of our gray matter, hoping to find a name for the band. We wanted something like Iron and Wine that sounded both feminine and masculine. We sent each other text messages several times a day, like two high school kids trying to think of a name for their club. We gave each other total veto power. We bounced ideas off mothers and wives: WonderBlue, Opie’s Kitchen, Buffalo Alice. Moderately…Read more

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