Hey everyone! Thanks for sticking by the Scarlet Locomotive train (sorry ) ;) and waiting as Arielle worked her heart and soul this summer on the farm, and Ted went to Africa with his dear family! We are grateful for…

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Fall is upon us!

We are so happy to be back to this season, with local shows and working on new material and maybe just maybe music in a movie.... stay tuned! ;) 

Music videos and Film Festivals!

Here is our newest video for your enjoyment! Filmed in Skagit and Whatcom Counties by the wonderful Jim Round. 

Alos, we are excited and happy to announce that we will be performing at the first Annual Bellingham Music and…Read more

Catching up

Boy oh boy! It's been way too long since we've sat down and taken a moment to update everyone here in this blog space. Thank you for sticking with us and waiting to see what we have been up to…Read more

Our Debut Album is Out. A Few Words on the Process

     We recorded all ten songs at the home of Scott Weiss, who works as a sound engineer at Pure Audio in Seattle during the week and changes into his SuperAudioman costume on weekends. The man’s got a nice house, very…Read more

December and the New Year!

Well we are so excited for the last few months we've had and the next few ahead! Just wanted to let everyone know we'll be heading into the studio in January to do some serious recording, and there is not…Read more

Floating in SPACE

            It’s hard not to feel cool when we breeze into Evanston SPACE for a Sunday night October show, past the hostess and through the doors that say “MUSICIANS ONLY BEYOND THIS POINT,” knowing the sign has applied to the likes…Read more

Chicago, we'll see you again soon

Oh man. We had such a ball at SPACE in Evanston, IL. What a night we shared with Jodee Lewis and her kickin' band. A huge thank you to everyone who came to support us and spend a cozy evening…Read more

After the Honeymoon

Thanks to all who showed up at the Honeymoon Saturday night. The intimate setting gave us a chance to meet some great new folks. Hopefully, "Whiskey Makes Me Mean" and "Kill the Wine" didn't dampen your enthusiasm for that tasty…Read more

A quick hello

Hi everyone!
We had a great show last night at The Green Frog with our friends from Seattle, Vaudeville Etiquette. They rock and we had a ball. Thanks to all who came out! 

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Hi Friends!
I'm back from China and Ted and I are busy at work with new tunes and summer shows. We can't wait to see you and catch up! While we wait for the strawberry pie to cool, here is…Read more

Another new tune for you 

Our next track from the latest recording session! Mountain Medicine, written by Ted, while he was teaching in Beijing, China. Many thanks for listening!